Our Advantage

Deep E-Commerce  Cooperations

Mainly provide the service to E-Commerce firms, from top gaint E Commerce company to individual online sellers. Team have deep E commerce knowledge and experience.


Wide Distibution Channels

Multi-Channel local distribution method, inclusive of parcel delivery (UPS, DPD, YODEL), pallet delivery, full truck delivery, also the whole container delivery.



Local Knowledge and Experience

More than 10 years local knowledge and experience, which help our customers to enforce  compliance.


Professional Process and service

Self developed system and smooth process make us provide you professional service. Fast and accurate actions. 


Our Product

Air/Sea Import and Customs

  • Air and Sea Import
  • Customs clearance
  • Logistics agaency



UK/Europe Amazon FBA

  • Amazon FBA Parcel delviery
  • Palletising and pallet delivery to Amazon
  • Amazon Booking in


Amazon Return handling

  • Amazno Return goods handling
  • Relabeling and Redelivery




3rd Party Logistics

  • Warehouse goods handling and storage
  • Whole truck, pallet and parcel delivery



Export Goods for China buyer

  • Pruchase on the behalf of clients
  • Transport to China
  • Whole sales handling



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